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So my girlfriend was driving on a highway in Colorado with no tolls to pay at. A month later, we get a bill in the mail from “Go-Pass” telling us that we need to pay $7.20 in tolls. This is fine, but we lost the bill due to hectic summer activities. They sent another bill with a late fee and, due to hectic beginning of the semester activities, we lost that one too.

Finally, a month after the second bill, we got a bill with $160 dollars in civil penalties for “toll evasion”. Needless to say, we found this to be an insane amount of penalty to pay for a road with no clear toll booths to even pay at. So we prepared for a week with a defense to call Go-Pass with, ready to say we would file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General since we did not actually evade the toll: there was no toll booth to evade.

So I called, provided the customer service representative with my bill number, verified my personal information, and prepared to make a strong case. Except I didn’t have chance to because she immediately offered to waive all late fees and civil penalties if I simply made a pay-as-you-go account with them using my credit card. No monthly fees and they would only charge the amount for the original toll.

So if this happens to you: just call. Apparently, they charge the outrageous civil penalty to motivate you to call in and create an automatic payment account (again with no extra or monthly charge).