Cognitive Mileage


I am a programmer, philosopher, and Secular Humanist. My formal training is in Computer Science. I have a BS and am working on my PhD. The focus of my research is Argumentation Theory and its implementation. I am highly concerned with resolving conflict and sharing important information between people. Consequently, I am highly concerned with resolving conflicts between secular and religious people.

Secular Humanism
Many people have never heard of Secular Humanism. If more people had, I have little doubt that there would be far more people identifying as Secular Humanists in this world. The tenets of Secular Humanism can be found on Wikipedia. I was not taught these tenets by Secular Humanism, but rather already identified with them before even knowing that I was a Secular Humanist. So I highly recommend taking a look and seeing if you do too.


3 Responses to "About"

Hey Chris!

I’m glad I found your blog (via Facebook.) This may reveal my ignorance on the subject, but I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a PhD in Computer Science. I’m glad you’re working toward one, though.

Have a splendid day,


Hey Kate! It’s obviously been literally years since I’ve checked this blog! Thanks for the comment!

I have been trying to contact Chris Redford the developer for “Quick Roll” on the apple App Store. The program doesn’t run under iOS8 and the support links are not functional. I contacted Apple about it, and they are struggling to fix the issue being that your support for the App seems to have ended in 2010. It’s not a good idea to keep selling the App if it doesn’t work. Somthing like this can open you up to some legal considerations.

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