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From Keynote to iMovie

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Being an avid Keynote user with a desire to mesh my carefully constructed Keynote presentations (with audio narration) on YouTube, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the conundrum of incorporating Keynote presentations into iMovie projects.

I’ve done many Internet searches on the subject over the past couple of years and most answers are patchwork, incomplete, or just plain wrong.

Let’s hope my blog post floats to the top of the (once) painful Google query “import keynote presentations into imovie”. The biggest and most untreated problem is that, though Keynote can generate quicktime files, these files cannot be automatically imported into iMovie. It takes some converting both in Keynote and in the Finder first.

Here is the straightforward procedure for anyone looking:

First, in Keynote:
0. I am assuming you already have a finished presentation that you would like to narrate. Open it.

1. Go to File > Record Slideshow
2. Navigate through your slideshow at any speed you want saying anything you would like as narration. Keynote will record everything.

3. Once you are finished, go to File > Export…; This part is a bit tricky.
3 (a). Click the submenu under Formats and go to Custom…
3 (b). In the Video subsection, click Settings…
3 (c). Change the compression type to MPEG-4 Video.
3 (d). Click Okays and Nexts until you get to the dialogue to save your file; save it somewhere
3 (e). Wait for it to compress…
3 (f). Go to the place where you saved the file and rename it to have “.avi” as its extension. If the OS bugs you, tell it to, yes, use the .avi extension.

Now, in iMovie:
4. Go to File > Import Movies…
5. Viola. Your presentation, complete with narration, should import and you can edit the video however you want.


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