Cognitive Mileage

Stairway to Heaven Backwards

Posted on: July 26, 2008

look up stairway to heaven backmask.the whole songs satanic if you listen to the full thing.that proves that god an saton is real


This backmasking thing is very interesting and I’d never really looked into it before. So I listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards. First, you can hardly say that the *whole* song is satanic. Most of the song backwards is jibberish.

However, there is one interesting part in the middle that has some clear “satan”s in it. I was so intrigued and disturbed by this that I recorded the original song to my computer and reversed it myself.

What I found was that the contraction “there’s”, which Led Zepplin uses to begin many sentences in the song, directly maps to “Satan” when reversed. I even recorded my own voice starting many sentences with the word “there’s” and, when played in reverse, it sounds like I am saying “Satan” many times.

I think it is an unfortunate coincidence for Led Zepplin that they happened to use “there’s” so many times in his song because they appear to be very unhappy about the satanic interpretation.

So, seems to be an interesting coincidence and nothing more. Unless you think that somehow the word “there’s” holds some kind of dark satanic power…


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