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Dvorak Right-Handed Layout

Posted on: April 25, 2008

Dvorak Right-Handed Layout

I give plasma every Tuesday and Thursday and when doing so, I can only use my right hand to type because I am pumping with my left since it has better veins. I wanted to use the Dvorak Right-Handed Layout but it doesn’t come with Mac OS X. So I had to create it myself using Ukelele.

Here it is: Dvorak Right-Handed Layout (the file is named “Dvorak-Righty.keylayout”)

You need to place it in ‘/Library/Keyboard Layouts/’ then check it in the International preferences to use it. I typically ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’ from the International menu when using it so I know which keys are which.


5 Responses to "Dvorak Right-Handed Layout"

Oh, brilliant! I have been looking for one of these to put on ATMac to go with the left-handed Dvorak keyboard I posted about there.

Do control keys work with this? I grabbed Ukelele to check it out but I can’t quite tell. And I’m assuming the dead keys (like option-e to put an acute on the next character) don’t work? Otherwise I misunderstood Ukelele which is very possible too 🙂 Would you mind if I added them and re-posted it on ATMac, crediting you and linking back here?

Also, I hope you’re still donating plasma – it’s a great thing to do. Thank you.

Sure thing! It’s fine if you put it on ATMac. I’m glad it can help someone.

That is right, dead keys don’t work. Control keys *do*, however.

And I am still donating plasma 🙂

Nice work, but it doesn’t do anything. If I activate this layout in International on 10.5.7, I see the kes light up in the keyboard viewer when I type, but the key is not sent to the application (except for the cursor keys).

Restart your browser, Pim, and it will work just fine.

I don’t know why but after I change the language setting to Dvorak, I can’t type anything.
Is a computer restart required??

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