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Obama the “Fat Cat”

Posted on: April 11, 2008

I subscribe to the Hillary Clinton newsletter to see what they are telling their supporters. I also respond to these newsletters when I feel they are misleading.

In today’s edition, they said (and have said similar things on many occasions):

We face an opponent who has a virtually unlimited war chest, who is breaking records to spend whatever it takes to win.

Here was my response:

This is very misleading. You make it sound like Obama is a millionaire dropping millions out of his own pocket to win. Obama has a virtually unlimited “war chest” because Obama has an unprecedented amount of supporters making small donations. This isn’t one man trying to blaze his own way with his own money for the sake of personal conquest ; it is someone standing on the shoulders of over a million enthusiastic financial supporters. Obama hasn’t spent a dime of his own money for his campaign. You, on the other hand, have spent $5 million.

So, in short, I resent the fact that your emails constantly paint Obama like some rich fat cat who is using his money to bully you. He has more money because more people support him. He’s winning more delegates because more people support him. If he wins the race it will be, you guessed it, because more people support him.

If you want to stay in the race until you have officially and unequivocally lost, that is your right and I respect you for fighting. But you would have more dignity if you would just admit upfront that Obama is winning because he is doing a good job. Not because he has some unfair personal “war chest”; not because he is using “words” to mislead people. But because he has a genuinely good plan for America, because he inspires people, and because people feel he genuinely understands their dreams, their needs, their struggles, and their concerns.


2 Responses to "Obama the “Fat Cat”"

I’m still awaiting the “official announcement” from Hillary that Obama’s winning because he has a penis. Or has that already been officially cited?

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