Cognitive Mileage

Everybody Counts in this Country

Posted on: April 11, 2008

I subscribe to the Hillary Clinton newsletter to see what they are telling their supporters. I also respond to these newsletters when I feel they are misleading.

This Monday, they were arguing for Michigan and Florida delegates to be seated in the Democratic Convention:

It’s the American way — everybody counts in this country.

Here was my response:

The problem, Maggie, is that when these people voted, their states did it specifically and intentionally against party rules. For that reason, supporters of candidates other than Hillary (and indeed, probably many Hillary supporters) probably stayed home. When their states decided to break party rules, these people probably counted on their votes not being counted. And so they, understandably, probably did not want to waste their time and energy due to the uncertainty of their vote being counted.

So this was not a fair contest. In Michigan, Hillary was the only candidate that was even on the ballot. Now if I am an Obama supporter in Michigan and I know Obama is not on the ballot, what am I going to do? Am I really going to go vote “undecided”? That’s not my real position: I have decided on Obama. So my voice is, essentially not heard.

So at least for Michigan, you are mistaken: if you count Michigan Hillary votes, you are, in effect, silencing Obama supporters in Michigan by not giving them any delegates. That is not fair.

The only way to be fair is to ask for a revote in these states and let both Hillary and Obama campaign there.


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